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Why Hire an editor?

You only get once chance to make a first impression.

You'll lose the attention of your readers or a potential agent if you don't put your best foot forward. 

Editors help writers improve.

Writers don't get better writing in a vacuum. They need constructive feedback to elevate their craft and learn new techniques.

Feedback from friends or family only goes so far.

Your mom may love your book, but does that mean it will sell? Get professional feedback to know for sure.

Confidentiality is guaranteed

Quick Critique (First 50 pages)


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Is your book any good? Should you try traditional publishers or self-publish? Do you need in-depth editing? Should you even consider quitting your day job? These questions and more  are answered with a quick critique by a USA today bestselling book editor. Get a professional opinion about the true value of your project by Edit My Novel.


The Quick Critique is not a line edit for grammar, spelling and punctuation but will evaluate plot, pace, voice and marketability.

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Need more than quick critique? Want in-depth editing? Get your personalized quote today.

Nondisclosure Agreements Available

Cara wants you to know your story is yours to tell. She's happy to provide free nondisclosure agreements for every client. 

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