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USA Today bestselling author and book editor, Cara Lockwood.

Edit My Novel was founded by Cara Lockwood,  an established and successful writer who has made a career writing fiction. A Penn grad, she currently lives and works near Chicago, Illinois. She's published more than twenty-five novels, including I Do (But I Don't), which was made into a Lifetime Original Movie starring Denise Richards and Dean Cain.  Her novels have been translated into five languages and are sold all over the world.

She landed her first book deal at age 29 with Simon and Schuster. Since then, her work has been published by MTV Books, St. Martin's Press and Harlequin. She was a finalist for the Gayle Wilson award of Excellence in young adult fiction from the Romance Writers of America.  She has been reviewed in Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist, The Library Journal, YM magazine, Lucky Magazine, Chicago Magazine, the Boston Herald, American Cheerleader and The Romantic Times, among many others. 

Choose an editor who knows what it takes to be a bestseller, because she's done it.

 Cara Lockwood is uniquely qualified to to be your book editor.  Not only has she made a career out of publishing and novel editing, but she also understands the writer's perspective. She can lend her experience in developing ideas, overcoming writer's block and developing strategies to help finish and polish your work. She has years of expertise in editing and crafting the perfect voice for a novel, developing characters and sharpening dialogue. Cara understands the publishing market and has valuable insight into managing a writing career. She's also helped many of her clients top the Amazon bestseller lists. 

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